Welcome, Acolytes.

This databank provides a collection of the information that you have uncovered during your investigations, as well as a review of locations and individuals that you have encountered. It is also a repository for your after-action reports.

Hi guys! This page is to help us keep all the info from the campaign together in one place. You should be able to use it mostly as much as I can. When you edit Wiki pages, you can create new page links by putting a word in Double Brackets. Then, when you save and then click that link you can get to the new page. On the home page for Wiki, lets try to keep a list of important pages we create. Characters are easy to create. I created some, and you guys can fill in as much stats etc as you wish. I put a map of the Sector on the maps page but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Hey guys, as you all know, we have officially switched over from Barlow’s (amazing) scenario to mine. We’ll be starting probably in the next two weeks or so: in the mean-time, you should allocate your 400 XP (plus any individual XP bonuses you got) and start looking at equipment you want. Your allocation of thrones for the coming session is 300 thrones each, in addition to three months of salaried downtime.

As for available items: you can get any item up to plentiful automatically. For all other items, you (or a party member for your sake) will have to roll off of the availability test on P. 126 of the DH Rulebook, which we can do at the start of the next session. You will also have the opportunity to put in a requisition for an item through the Inquisition, which will be more expensive (to pay for location and transportation costs) and require a different type of test (the obtaining weapons through contacts on page 222 of the Inq. Handbook). I will also be posting this information in the Wiki.

Looking forward to DMing you guys! Barlow did a great job so I have a lot to live up to, but I think/hope this next mission will be as much fun.

Rejoice For You Are True

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