Rejoice For You Are True

Early Illumination

February 7, 2011

As a newly formed Cell of Acolytes, you were ordered to go to Iocanthos and investigate disturbances surrounding the new Stern Hope Cathedral. Your contact is

Planetside, you landed at the planet’s only Imperial settlement, Port Suffering. You explored the town. At the alms house, you distracted the guards and purged several mutants. Outside, “Sil” appeared to be distributing food to the poor, but a crowd began to threaten him and he shot a citizen. He escaped in the distraction. The citizen was dragged into the Alms House.

While moving through the city to meet your contact, Aristarchus, you were accosted by a madman. When the man began to rave about the Crow Father, Content Not Found: solarus-zero executed him as a heretic. This led several local Ashleen thugs to attack you. You killed several of them and the rest fled. The party was unable to convince the local Guardsmen to let them be, and they were all arrested except for Sil.

Aristarchus broke you out of jail several hours later. You were given some more information about the journey. In the morning, you will enter the wasteland via flatbed truck en route to Stern Hope. You expect the journey will take several days.


I did not execute a citizen. This is false. I hit him and injured him, but I did not kill him. Not that i would’ve cared, i just thought we should keep our facts straight.

Early Illumination

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