Senior Inquisition Agent


Aristarchus is a senior agent working for Van Buren. He is a powerful psyker, a Seer skilled in precognition. He uses Imperial Tarot cards to attempt to see the future.’

He was your contact when you landed on Iocanthos to investigate the disturbances surrounding the Cathedral at Stern Hope.

You observed his pykic strength when he broke you out of jail. He held the guards motionless against the walls and blew open all the doors simultaneously.

He is also a skilled Medicae and was able to provide first aid for the worst of Solarus Zero’s wounds.

Aristarchus’ cards were tainted in some way and led to his corruption. The Dancer led him to believe that St Drusus would be reborn in the cathedral, but, really, it was a trap for the demon to manifest inside Aristarchus and spread corruption all around. You guys managed to stop the demon, and in the tussle Aristarchus was shredded by the Tarot Cards he seemed to treasure.


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