Cecil Valerian


Arbitrator, Rank 2

Imperial World
“The Wise man learns from the death of others.”

WS – 38
BS – 38
St – 41
To – 33
Ag – 38
In – 38
Pe – 32
WP – 40
Fe – 32

Trained skills – Awareness, Inquiry, Scrutiny, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperium)

Additional Basic Skills – Speak Language High Gothic, Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Creed, War), Literacy

Weapon Training – Melee (Primitive), Basic (SP)

Talents – Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Talented Inquiry (+10), Light Sleeper

Wounds – 14
Fate – 4
Corruption Points – 5
Insanity Points – 1

XP to spend: 870 XP Spent: 800


Born into a noble family and cheated from his estate by a sleazy lawyer, Cecil fell in with a gang at a young age. A cleric working in the area, Thak, noticed his potential and got him into an Adeptus Arbites training program. Soon, Cecil was running complex investigations for the local Arbites office to great success.

Cecil was co-opted to the Inquisition and sent to join the Acolytes in Iocanthos.

Cecil Valerian

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