Tech Priest, rank 3.
Origin: Void Born
“The only True Fear is dying with your Duty undone.”

Spent XP: 1600
XP Remaining:

WS – 35
BS – 35
St – 28
T – 39
Ag – 31
Int – 42
Per – 30
WP – 46
Fel – 34

Wounds: 13
Fate: 3
Insanity: 8.5
Corruption: 3

Electro Graft Use (10 to Common Knowledge Tests, 10 to Tech Use Tests, 10 to Inquiry Tests)
Mimic (May Copy the Voice of Any Individual)
Binary Chatter (10 to Control Servitors (Tech Use Test))
Technical Knock (Touch Weapon to Unjam)
Dendrite Use (Medicae)

Void Accustomed (No Travel Sickness)
Light Sleeper (When Asleep, Counts as Awake for Surprise)
Ill-Omened (-5 to Fel when Interacting with Interacting with Non-Void Born)

Basic Skills Trained:
Navigation (Stellar)
Pilot (Spacecraft)

Advanced Skills Trained:
Speak Language (Low Gothic, Trade Ship)
Secret Tongue (Tech)
Trade (Copyist)
Tech Use +10

Weapon Skills:
Melee Weapon (Primitive); Pistol (Las); Basic (Las)

Flak Vest
Las Pistol
Las Carbine
Metal Staff
Minerva Aegis
Flak Jacket
Flak Helmet
Great Sword (Mono)

Xenos Pistol
Glow Lamp
Data Slate
Sacred Oil
7 spare parts
Medicae Dendrite



Little is known about the mysterious Hextes. He wears the red robes of the Tech Priests of Mars, and appears to have significant synthetic augmentations throughout his body. His skills will certainly be of use to the party, but for now his personality and goals are a mystery.

Hextes Background:
Hextes was born on one of the Giant Trader ships of old. These giant ships are a remnant of the days of high technology. The ability to create such ships was lost many centuries ago. However, the knowledge to maintain and repair such ships has been safeguarded and passed down through the generations by the Order of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This is the caste into which Hextes’s mother, and through her, Hextes, have been indoctrinated.
Life on the Trader Ships is generally rough, with the inhabitants gaining a type of hardiness not generally seen in other people, save maybe for the poor souls relegated to the dregs in the hive cities. Another unique aspect of inhabitants on the Trader Ships is their unusual connection to the void. As the Ships travel through the deep, dark depths of space between planetary systems, they invariably travel through regions of space where the veil between reality and the void is much thinner than normal. This “closeness” with the void can have a strange and unexpected impact on their lives – which can crop up at anytime.
Hextes’ mother was born on the Trader Ship, and has spent her entire life there, save for short off-ship excursions onto worlds where the Ship was docked. Hextes’ father, on the other hand, joined the ship as a low-ranking officer when his mother was 16. They met through a mutual acquaintance 5 years after Hextes’ father joined the crew and Hextes was born 2 years later, the first of 4 children.
As is customary with the Mechanicus Adeptus, the eldest child of current members is offered up to the caste. From a young age, Hextes was under the tutelage of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Although not by choice, this life has suited Hextes, as he has found a love of understanding the inner workings of machines – even more so than others in the caste. Concomitant with this love, Hextes also has an unusual ease with this technology – again, even more so than his fellow caste members.
Life in the Adeptus Mechanicus is generally rough – even more so than for the others on the ship. They take their duties as the safe-guarders of lost technology very seriously – believing at their core that if they lose this knowledge, it will be lost forever. As such, the instruction is brutal and intense – the teaching theories being a mix of rote memorization and negative reinforcement. In addition to the rigors of the curriculum, the young Mechanicus suffer additional hardship by being secluded from their family, save from other Adeptus Mechanicus members – the thinking being that the Mechanicus is now their family. However, Hextes has been able to maintain some relations with his family through his mother. Her love for all her children built a fondness in Hextes for his three brothers.
Being able to maintain a closeness with his family, however, definitely impacted Hextes throughout his training and life in the Adeptus Mechanicus. When he was 18, he learned that his younger brother had been killed. Hextes had developed a fondness for his brothers – even without knowing them personally, and he longed for the day when he would finally be able to meet them. He was surprised at how hard the news hit him. Although forbidden, Hextes tried to surreptitiously investigate the events surrounding his brother’s death. He was able to only gather a little information. From what information he did found, though, his brother’s death was somehow gang related. Gang activity was a fact of life on the Trader Ships – they gave the youth something to hope for, that there was something beyond the Ship and the transient worlds which they visited. Hextes’ found that the particular gang his brother was involved in had ties to daemon worshiping. This provided the spark for Hextes to join the inquisition. At the age of 19, 14 months after his brother’s death, and with his training mostly complete, Hextes left the Ship and joined the Inquisition.


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