Mordrin Stinth


Noble Born Assassin, rank 3.
Origin: Noble Born
“In Darkness, follow the Light of Terra.”

Spent XP: 800
Remaining XP: 800

WS – 38
BS – 42
Str – 32
Ag – 34
Int – 32
Per – 34
WP – 29
Fel – 38

Wo: 14
Fate: 3
Insanity: 12
Corruption: 1

Traits & Talents:
Etiquette; Seupremely Connected; Vedetta; Sound Constitution x2; Ambidextrous; Furious Assault

Basic Skills Trained:
Dodge; Inquiry; Awareness

Advanced Skills:
Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic); Literacy; Acrobatics

Armor & Weapons:
Flak Jacket; Sword; Hunting Rifle; Autogun; Stub Revolver

Vox, Stimm x3; 40 bullets; 60 shells; Black Body Glove



As a noble, Mordrin has higher status in the Inquisitor’s retinue. A longtime servant of Van Buren, Mordrin has been assigned to the Acolyte’s cell to evaluate their potential and provide a guiding hand in the face of true threats. Until then, he will remain silent and observational.

Somewhat confusingly for the rest of the cell, Mordrin has displayed no skills or equipment above that possessed by the less trusted members. It is, as yet, unclear if this is a ruse, or if there is some other machination at work.

Mordrin Stinth

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