Raas Tablorum


Scum, Rank 3 – Outlaw.
Origin: Redacted
“Thought begets Heresy; Heresy begets Retribution.”

Spent XP: 1550
Remaining XP: 50

WS – 39
BS – 42
Str – 34
T – 33
Ag – 43
Int – 34
Per – 38
WP – 36
Fel – 33

Wo: 13
Fate: 2
Insanity: 6
Corruption: 0

Traits & Talents:
Ambidextrous; Peer (Underworld); Quick Draw; Blind Fight; Jaded; Unremarkable; Redacted; Redacted; Redacted; Redacted

Basic Skills Trained:
Awareness; Concealment; Deceive; Dodge; Intimidate

Basic Skills Untrained:
Common Lore (Tech); Survival

Advanced Skills Trained:
Speak Language (Low Gothic); Common Lore (Imperium, Underworld); Blather; Security; Navigation (Surface)

Weapon Training:
Melee Weapon (Primitive); Pistol (SP, Las); Basic (SP)

Armor & Equipment:
Quilted Vest; Brass Knuckle; Knife; Sabre; Autogun; Autopistol + Silencer; Fire Bomb x5

Vox; Clip/Drop Harness; Street Ware Clothing.


Monthly Income:


Perhaps the best descriptor for Ras is quiet, but that doesn’t quite fit. He says little, true, but when he does speak there is simply something missing from his voice. Even his stance seems unnatural, as if he is unsure how to stand or walk.

However, when Ras acts, it is with conviction and purpose. He is effective and efficient, wasting no movement or thought to accomplish his task. He also appears to be fanatically loyal to Van Buren and the Inquisition.

In appearance Ras is drab and unremarkable. His single defining feature is a significant scar disfiguring his right cheek, spreading from underneath his eye towards his ear. It appears as though he was scalded by burning water or something else like that.

Raas Tablorum

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