Silvanus "Sil" Geiss


Played by Ben Tozer.

Penal Legion Guardsmen, Rank 3.
Imperial World
“Do not ask why you serve, only ask how.”

WS – 47
BS – 43
St – 40
To – 41
Ag – 33
In – 36
Pe – 33
WP – 38
Fe – 27

Trained skills – Intimidate, Survival, Drive Ground Vehicle, Speak Low Gothic, Navigation (Surface), Pilot (Military Craft), Dodge
Additional Basic Skills – Speak Language High Gothic, Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Creed, War), Literacy

Weapon Training – Melee (Primitive), Pistol (Las), Basic (Las, SP)

Talents – Quick Draw, Jaded, True Grit, Resist Fear, Swift Attack

XP to spend: 20 XP Spent: 1600



Sepheris Secundus, just outside Icenholm, about fourteen years ago:

“Stealing bread from Queen Lachryma’s own merchant? You made your last mistake today, beggar,” hissed the soldier as he slammed his boot into the man’s knee. It had been mangled before, from a mining accident, but the knee bent a good three inches farther than it had yesterday. “I had to feed my children. What else would you have me do?” The soldier restraining the crippled man slammed his fist into his nose, the resulting red spray barely visible on the soldier’s red cloak. A boy, about eleven years old and dressed in rags, opened his mouth and screamed his incomprehensible anger at the guards, his small six-year old sister weeping loudly behind him. A crowd was gathering. “So the cripple’s got a litter of his own, eh? Guess we better drown the lot before they both turn to thieving, eh, Scallus?” chuckled the crimson clad guardsmen. While the apprehended struggled as best he could, his injured back and even further crippled leg were no support against his restrainer’s shove. The miner tried to stand proudly once again, but his knee would not support his body. His vision was filled by the two pairs of red boots on a background of grey hard-packed snow, and after the loudest noise he’d ever heard, the grey was crimson as well before all was black.
The boy in tatters bolted, carrying his sister who screamed and wept almost louder than the gunfire. “Hey! Where’d those kids go!?” The guards tried to follow the yelling girl, but the crowd blocked their way, while the boy and the sister effectively weaved between the larger bodies.
“Eh, fug it. Let ‘em go, Scallus. They won’t last long.”

Nine years later:

As she wept into his arms, he immediately began to formulate his plan. This man who touched his sister would die. Sil didn’t care that the man who had done it was a pontifex. Or that he had a legion of guards at his disposal. He didn’t really even care about the man’s hypocrisy: that this man, Pontifex Pilius Flavion, who had demanded penitence and preached virtue, raped a different child from the Shatters every week. He hadn’t dragged his sister and himself to survival on sheer strength of will just to allow some ecclesiarch to violate his family.
After all, the first lesson of survival Sil learned was to destroy anything which ever hurt him. And he had gotten good at destroying things under Dekko’s tutelage. The mutant criminal baron had taken him under his wing after Sil killed three of his soldiers and Sil had served him well. With Dekko’s help, Sil had tracked down Scallus and killed him. Dekko Cromwell had protected him and his sister from the forces of the Shatters, but he didn’t have the power to shield Sil’s sister, Callie, from the ecclesiarchy. Dekko could hide them after he murdered Pilius.
As Callie’s eyes continued to pour tears and her lungs continued to heave breaths, Sil decided he’d do it within the week.
Outside the large double door to Pontifex Pilius’ estate lay two Ecclesiarch guards. What was left of their heads and chests had stained the ground brown with last night’s blood. Inside, Pontifex Pilius lay in his bed. The coroner had stopped counting the knife wounds and had simply written “Over 30.” His head was barely attached to his body due to the cuts and stabs to his neck and chin. His mouth was open, its last whispers declaring his cowardice.
Inquisitor Van Buren stood over the Pontifex’ body. “Good work,” he thought. “Not the work of some daemon or xenos force though. Hmmmm…. good work.”


Sil could barely hear the shouts of the public over his own thoughts. Damned Dekko! That dirty traitor will rot for what he did. Sil was being marched to his public execution, a demonstration of what happens to the impious in Icenholm.
A flash of light.

Sil woke up with an explosive collar around his neck and a bright light in his face. He was alive. “You have a part to play in a war so great and terrible that ordinary men must never learn its secret. You will look the universe in the face and then spit in its eye. You will die with a curse on your lips and your finger on the trigger. You will know that you are doomed, but try anyway. If you don’t do this, you will die today,” boomed a voice from the shadows. “You are now an Acolyte in the Inquisition.”

Personal Quests

Freedom: Sil wants his freedom back. He chafes under the orders from the Inquisition and would prefer to make his own decisions. Whether or not this comes from becoming a more trusted acolyte or escaping his service all together, Sil wants to get his explosive collar removed. It reminds him of the control the Inquisition has over him and his all too-thin mortal coil.

Death to Dekko: Sil wants revenge. Dekko’s taught him one more lesson of survival: don’t trust anyone. Sil doesn’t like loose ends, and as soon as he can he wants to get back to Sepheris Secundus and murder Dekko. If he does it on his own this time he won’t be caught, but if he can take advantage of Inquisition resources, all the better. So long as he can make it personal.

Callie?: Sil isn’t generally a sentimental type, but he wants to know what happened to his sister. Is she okay? Is she in trouble? Can he help her? If Sil’s number one priority is his own survival, a very close second is his sister’s. He hopes to find her safe and find a way of guaranteeing her safety in the future.

An Education: Sil’s mother’s family was educated, working as stewards for the Sepheris Secundus royal families. She attempted to pass on an education to her two children but fell ill and passed away when Sil was but a boy. He hopes that the new resources available to him as a member of the Inquisition will allow him to complete his education.

Party Relationships

Solanus Zero – Sil is generally irritated with Solanus’ reckless use of psychic abilities and even attempted to convince the party to abandon Solanus to the consequences of his recklessness. However, after Sil was lightly wounded by a Hexalid, Solanus was able to heal him even as traditional measures provided by the tech-priest only made matters worse. He has proved that his psychic abilities have their uses.

Cecil Valerian – Cecil and Sil were friends during their teenage years. Sil is glad to be reunited with his friend and is especially glad that Cecil is prime acolyte. Sil has a lot of things to deal with, and Cecil is the only person with whom he feels very comfortable talking.

Thak – Thak is a riddle to be solved for Sil. Sil thought all clerics were hypocritical and ultimately self-serving, but Thak seems different. He seems genuine and practical. Plus, its hard not to like someone who cooks so well. Sil is still puzzled by Thak.

Hextes – Sil doesn’t much care for Hextes. He is a tech-priest which is weird and a little unnerving, and further, his medical aid after Sil’s encounter with a Hexalid only served to further damage him. Additionally, Hextes seems fairly quiet and has an unusual manner – all of which add up to Sil not trusting him very much.

Mordrin Stinth – Mordrin was a little overzealous for Sil’s liking, but ultimately seemed harmless enough. He shared Sil’s distaste for overuse of psychic power and focused on the Cell’s objectives. Sil didn’t have any trouble working with Mordrin, but any friendship would be barred by Mordrin’s very zealous nature.

Raas Tablorum- To be written…

Silvanus "Sil" Geiss

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