Cleric, Rank 3.
Origin: Imperium.
“In Darkness, Follow the Light.”

Spent XP: 800
Remaining XP: 830

WS – 33
BS – 44
Str – 30
Ag – 34
Int – 38
Per – 36
WP – 38
Fel – 40

Wo: 11
Fate: 3
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 3

Talents & Traits:
Blessed Ignorance
Superior Origin
Liturgical Familiarity

Basic Skills Trained:
Awareness; Inquiry; Common Lore (Imperium, War)

Advanced Skills Trained:
Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic); Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Ecclesiarchy); Performer (Singer); Literacy; Trade (Cook); Drive (Ground Vehicle); Pilot (Civilian Craft)

Weapon Skills:
Melee Weapon (Primitive); Pistol (SP); Basic (SP); Thrown (Primitive)

Armor & Weapons:
Flak Vest; Flak Gauntlet; Hammer; Autopistol; Throwing Knives x5; Hunting Rifle

Vox; Aquila Necklace; Ecclesiarchy Robes (Good); 4 candles; Skull (Charm); Backpack; 100 bullets



A farmboy from an Imperial Agri world, Thak was sent eventually to Terra for training in the Ecclesiarchy. A devout worshipper of the God-Emperor, Cleric Thak was seen to shine in somewhat more complex situations than most clerics. As such, he was forwarded to the Inquistion and has joined the Acolyte’s Cell.

He encountered Cecil in his travels and brought him along to join the Inquisition.


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