Solanus Zero


Imperial Psyker, Rank 3.
Origin: Void Borne
“A mind with no purpose will wander in Dark Places.”

Spent XP: 800
Remaining XP: 830

WS – 27
BS – 32
Str – 35
T – 34
Ag – 36
Int – 43
Per – 32
WP – 40
Fel – 34

Wo: 9
Fate: 4
Insanity: 8
Corruption: 10; 1st degree of corruption

Talents & Traits:
Charmed; Ill-Omened; Shipwise; Void-Accustomed; Dental Probes

Basic Skills Trained:

Basic Skills Untrained:
Navigation (Stellar); Pilot (Civilian)

Advanced Skills Trained:
Speak Language (Low Gothic, HMS Solanus); Forbidden Lore (Warp); Invocation; Literacy; Psynscience; Trade (Soothsayer)

Minor Psychic Powers:
Chameleon; Fearful Aura; Healer; Touch of Madness; Weaken Veil

Weapon Training:
Melle (Prim); Pistol (SP)

Armor & Weapons:
Quilted Vest; Axe; Staff; Psykana Mercy Blade; Stub Automatic

Vox; 100m rope; Psy Focus; 100 Bullets; Carven Dentures



Solanus Zero is a Void Born Psyker.

The Solanus Imperia was the grandest stellar cruise ship in human history. It was built as a symbol of the Emperor’s grand majesty and to placate the dullards of Empire’s upper crust with frivolities. Space on the Solanus Imperia’s maiden voyage was at a premium, even for the wealthy. Sassengers went as far as literally selling their souls and/or children in exchange for tickets. It set out from port filled to capacity. Two months into its maiden voyage, the Solanus began navigating erratically and broadcasting on all local frequencies. Rumors persist that the eight-hour transmission began with the ship’s captain anxiously speaking in riddles and devolved into a cacophony of blood-curtling screams, fiendish cackling, and banging metal. These rumors are difficult to confirm because most who listened to the original broadcast for more than a few moments went insane and ejected themselves out of the closest airlock. A lucky broadcast survivor who was merely institutionalized continues to repeat the final words of the transmission while rocking himself in the fetal position in the corner of his cell: “He comes… all is lost.” Shortly after these words were spoken, the Solanus ceased transmission, headed towards Orc-controlled territory, and was lost.

Thirteen years later, the the Solanus Imperia was found in adrift deep deep in uncharted space by an Imperial science vessel. On board was a single survivor, a young mute boy. The ship itself appeared to be in perfect condition, save for sabotaged engines and what looked suspiciously like human crazed fingernail marks scratched into several steel bulkheads. How exactly the boy managed to survive adrift in space for so long remains a mystery. Unable to communicate a name, the researches dubbed the boy “Solanus Zero.”

Zero’s exact origins remain unknown. No infants appears on the passenger manifest, however he may have been in-utero at the time of the Solanus Imperia’s language. A common theory is that he is psychic of such raw power that his birth drove the passengers and crew of the Solanus Impera insane, causing them to either commit suicide or take their chances with the Void. However one cleric who encountered Zero claimed that the boy was a manifestation of chaos itself, an adolescent demon rendered in human form. The cleric was driven to madness (or perhaps he was already mad) and put down by the Inquisition before his ramblings gained any traction.

Whatever his origins, Zero’s psychic potential was readily apparent and he was sent on the Black Ships to Terra. There, he showed promise and so was trained as a Sanctioned Psyker.

Thus far, Zero has shown dangerous tendencies to engage in mental domination of civilians, exposing the party to scrutiny and warp threats. However, this mind control may be of extreme usefulness in investigation. It is likely that should the party encounter any true Warp Threat, Zero will either be the one to save them or the damn all of their souls forever.

Solanus Zero

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