Influence Points

Influence is a single statistic that is shared amongst the entire cell. It represents numerous aspects of an Acolyte’s career: choices that he has made, accomplishments and failures, debts he owes, promises given, received and broken, his reputation amongst others, friends, rivals and foes. It represents the sway that the cell has in influencing members of the Inquisition, and if revealed, those outside the Inquisition. It can be used to help obtain items from those that would ordinarily not help the Acolytes, or to control or manipulate others (either subtly, or openly and bluntly through the use of the Rosette). The more influence the party has, the more power it has to requisition goods, influence others, and gain sway in the Inquisition itself.

You will be awarded influence based on your actions in the coming mission. If you perform well for a Senior Inquisition, or impress a member of a powerful faction, your influence will increase. If you fail to perform your duties, or slight a powerful individual, your influence will decrease.

As freshly minted acolytes, with little combat or achievement under your belt, your influence score is paltry. However, it will increase as you continue to increase in ranks, and perform more heroic feats. While it won’t be of much use now in your adventure, myself and Ryan are going to allocate influence points which you will be responsible for keeping track of. As they accumulate, you will be able to bend others to your will, or obtain items otherwise unavailable.

There are several benefits to having influence: it can be used to requisition items or services and to manipulate others into doing your bidding (openly through the Rosette, or circumspectly). The way this is done is spelled out in the Dark Heresy Ascension book on page 15-17 of the Ascension Rule book, but essentially, to requisition items or service you must roll under (after assessing modifiers as to the difficulty/expensiveness/rarity of the item or service) your influence score on 1d100. To manipulate others, you must make an opposed influence test against the organization or individual you are attempting to manipulate.

Influence Points

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