Finally, there is the Inquisition, perhaps the most feared of all of the factions. Independent and terrifying, Inquisitors have essentially blank check authority to do whatever they want in the search for Heresy, xenos and mutants. You are tasked with finding heresy of any kind, and purging it. Heresy is essentially anything that goes against the Emperor’s word, which the Ministorum determines. Any unauthorized technology, original thought, or revolutionary tendency is Heretical. Additionally, any contact with the forces of Chaos or with Xenos is heretical and is purged with prejudice. Any practice of psykic power not sanctioned by the Imperium is heresy, and must be purged as witchery. Finally, any cult of worship, and there are many, that does not follow the precepts of the Ecclesiarchy is heresy, even if they worship the Emperor. The Inquisition, however vast it may be, cannot combat all these threats, and often is only able to target those most pressing.

Tenets of the Inquisition:
Burn the Heretic
Kill the Mutant
Purge the Unclean

The Inquisition, while monolithic from the outside, is fractured within. Inquisitors compete for power, all in the name of the Emperor and the Imperium. There are two main enclaves: Puritans, who believe that all tenets of the Inquisition must be followed to the letter, and Radicals, who believe that in order to save the Imperium one must be willing to consort with Daemons, Xenos and the unclean. Inquisitors shown to be the latter face excommunication and execution, a fate shared by their cabals of informants and acolytes.

Thou shall not:
Consult the dismal texts
Succor the criminal
Suffer the presence of the xenos
Summon the daemon
Turn your hand upon your brother
Gainsay the order of your superior
Take up the tool of the damned

Inquisitors investigate whatever they feel necessary, but the primary requirements are to find Heretics of any kind, any kind of Xenos influence, or any kind of Chaos corruption or incursion, and completely destroy it and anything associated with it. It is important that you understand why: Heresy must be purged not simply to serve a religion or some confused bureaucracy, although that may sometimes be the case. Allowing Heresy to take root could end the lives or souls of billions and prevent the will of the Emperor from being done. The Inquisitors take the position that it is rather to let 100 innocent men die than suffer the presence of a mutant, and will scorch entire planets rather than let Chaos live. When humanity numbers in the countless trillions, the loss of millions is of little importance.

As a low-level acolyte for a powerful Inquisitor, you are worth little. Your Inquisitor may have dozens of acolytes, many of whom die on their first mission. As a new acolyte, you are merely raw material with the potential to become a tool. Only after proving yourself in the eyes of the Emperor as capable of great deeds do you become pawns of importance, worthy of your Inquisitors more personalized attention.

The particular Inquisitors of Calixis are organized into the Calixian Conclave and led by Lord Inquisitor Anton Zerbe. One faction of note is the Tyrantine Cabal.


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