Iocanothos is a Feudal backwater in the Calixis Sector. It is important to the region because it is the only planet on which Ghostfire plants can grow. These plants create a psychotropic pollen that is used in many drugs, both legal and illicit. Of particular notice, many of the stimulants used by the Imperial Guard Legions use Ghostfire pollen.

The planet was originally conquered by Saint Drusus, a General of the Imperial Guard. However, it was never settled by Imperial Colonists. Natives on the planet are formed into clans and tribal groups. They compete among themselves to provide the greatest amount of Ghostfire pollen for the Imperial levy. Whoever provides the largest bounty is made the High King, or Governor, of the planet, and given extensive support by Imperial administrators. The competition between competing warlords, which often includes violent conflict, is encouraged by the Adepta Ministorum in order to get the greatest Ghostfire harvest out of the planet.

The primary Imperial Settlement is Port Suffering, the planet’s lone spaceport.

A cathedral is under construction at the small settlement of Stern Hope.


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